Lets just get to the point. Yes, my name is John Smith. I enjoy using mixed media to produce fun and creative projects. [In short] I like cameras, nature, and traveling to new places, so feel free to book me a flight!

Life Lessons...



"Life's short, eat dessert first."

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"Thank you so much for the video!! We were so excited and surprised by your gift :) We will be able to look back and remember our special day forever, I really can't thank you enough." [ Meghan Bailey ]

"We started off with a report about a ministry to street children in Bolivia, including the above video clip. On its artistic merit alone, the video is stunningly beautiful (I especially appreciated the way the videographer played with focus, providing an almost photographic quality to the footage -- to the point that it made me long for the old days when I did video production myself!)." [ Dutch Pastor ]






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