• Laying in the GrassPortrait project demonstrating extensive post-production techniques.
  • BerriesThis macro shot demonstrates a variety of color and the bokeh technique.
  • UnsinkableIllustrated as a design project, this poster presents a very conceptual idea for the centennial anniversary of the Titanic sinking.
  • Yellow FlowersThis photograph demonstrates vibrant colors and fine detail.
  • NationalitySubmitted to the ADDY's, this poster was designed with a multi-national view in mind.
  • ReflectionFor a reflection photography class exercise, this shows light reflecting off of a table surface.
  • Airband Competition Napkin Holder PosterFor an actual campus event, this was designed alongside a poster and t-shirt for the event.
Laying in the Grass1 Berries2 Unsinkable3 Yellow Flowers4 Nationality5 Reflection6 Airband Competition Napkin Holder Poster7